Location - Subway Cave is located near the town of Old Station, CA 0
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Subway Cave is a self-guided trail. Geology - Less than 20,000 yeas ago, the lava of the Hat Creek flow was discharged in large volumes from a series of north-south fissures (cracks in the earth). This river of lava located near the town of Old Station, crawled northward 16 miles, covering the floor of Hat Creek Valley. While the top crust cooled and hardened, rivers of red-hot lava insulated by newly formed rock above, continued to flow. Eventually, the lava drained away, leaving tube-like caves. The entrance to the cave was formed by a partial collapse of the cave's roof many years ago. Subway Cave is the largest accessible tube in the flow. 

Location - Subway Cave is located near the town of Old Station, 1/4 mile north of the junction of Highway 44 & 89 across from Cave Campground. 

Temperature - Temperature inside the cave remains a cool 46 degrees Fahrenheit year around. Be sure to take a jacket with you. 

Safety - Rough floor, watch your step, low ceiling, sturdy shoes advised! 

Season of Use - Cave is open late May through October. Closed during the winter months. 

Visibility - Visibility is zero. Take a dependable flashlight with you. There are self-guided trail signs inside. Length - 1,300 feet of winding lava tube. The total trail length is 1/3 mile. Roof - Thickness varies from 8 to 24 feet. Height - Varies from 6 to 17 feet. 

For More Information - Please contact the Hat Creek Ranger District or stop by the Old Station Visitor Information Center (located near Subway Cave).  

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