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Water is never far away from the Trinity Heritage Scenic Byway. The route includes Lewiston Lake, Trinity Lake, the Trinity River, and numerous sparkling streams in far Northern California. You will be driving through some of the most beautiful and rugged portions of Trinity and Siskiyou County. Much of the route follows the path of 19th century gold miners and settlers, and offers scenic views of mountainsides, jagged cliffs, and dramatic vistas.

The natural place to start this drive is in the heart of the historic mining town of Weaverville. Ask any Weaverville resident and they would probably confirm that there is no better place to live. The beautifully preserved buildings and historic sites are constant reminders of Weaverville’s rich heritage. Joss House, the oldest continually used Chinese Tao Temple, and J.J. Jackson Museum provide a glimpse of what life was like in Weaverville for the 10,000 people who made up the gold rush population.

Driving north out of Weaverville provides an opportunity to detour to the historic town of Lewiston. This approximate 20 mile detour takes you along Rush Creek, the Trinity River, and into Lewiston. During the gold rush, Lewiston was best known for helping provide farming and ranching lands to support the thousands of miners searching for the yellow metal. In 1957 it saw the influx of a new boom, the construction of Trinity Dam. Just to the north of Lewiston is the Trinity River Hatchery, operated by the California Department Fish & Game. Take this opportunity to see the hatchery at work, especially during the salmon and steelhead runs of late summer and fall. Lewiston Lake, a seven mile long after bay for Trinity Lake, provides great fishing and excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing. Bald eagles and osprey make their permanent homes here, as well as the lake provides excellent wintering habitat for ducks, wildlife and migrating song birds.

Trinity Lake is the third largest man-made lake in California. The shoreline is rugged and forested with hundreds of hidden coves and offers excellent opportunities for houseboating, fishing, camping, swimming, and wildlife viewing. Most of the lodging and camping opportunities are on the northwestern shore of the lake. Continuing further north on Hwy. 3 brings you to Trinity Center, where several resorts provide stores, restaurants, and other lodging opportunities. Continuing north on Hwy. 3 provides great access to the Trinity Alps. Coffee Creek is located just north of Trinity Lake and is worth the side trip. The route through this area is along the Upper Trinity River where numerous spots are easily accessible for fishing, camping and swimming. Continuing north on Hwy 3 brings you to the Trinity Divide, it literally does just that, dividing the water which eventually flows into the Sacramento River to the east from the water flowing into the Trinity River to the west. It also serves as the dividing line between Trinity and Siskiyou counties and is an access point for the Pacific Crest Trail. The views from here can be spectacular.

Continuing north brings numerous opportunities to see both Mt. Shasta, the second highest peak in the Cascade Range, and Mt. Eddy, the tallest peak in Trinity County. Forest Service roads and trails off of this scenic byway provide access to some of the most beautiful and under utilized Forest Service lands in the region. The route ends near Interstate 5 north of Weed. 

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